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[brightcove vid=1690047534001&exp3=1099424773001&surl=,AAAAAFR79sE~,Yok_r1P7OXPwHCMiRDajPFGfahxs-Mzn&w=480&h=270]

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  1. Hahaha, cool video! that pose is not as easy as that girls makes it look!!!!

    • Tara Stiles is fun to watch in action! Sometimes, though, we make poses more difficult for ourselves.
      …One of my teachers showed us how, in that pose, to first bring one hand to hip, open the hips, then inhale that hand to the sky. In yoga, it’s about creating space and length, so in Triangle it’s ok to have the hand closest to the floor come up on the shin or even below the knee, allowing you to open your heart and elongate from fingertips to fingertips…creating the long lines of energy — prana is flowing!

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