All the best things in life are free. It is you. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Please, please, please have a listen to David Gray’s latest happy tune, a cover/montage of Money (That’s What I Want) and Pressure Drop.

Thank you Leslie of Seattle’s The Mountain KMTT Radio for posting an MP3 of the song recently released “as part of the Jim Beam Live Music Series to support Operation Homefront. He’s released a fun cover to promote the show and the project, which helps veterans and gives musical instruments to those soldiers who have a passion for music.”

I love David Gray even more than I did before. But I can’t find this song for purchase anywhere yet!

In the spirit of “all the best things in life are free,” some pictures from Saturday’s O’Brien family night in Saratoga Springs follow. This was the first time we took the six lovelies on such an outing — dressed up, dinner, and dessert. The best part?  Every moment.

walking through town, feeling buoyant in my heart

holding Blair’s chubby little hand

the smiles on the boys’ faces as they devoured their dinner at “the best restaurant ever”

walking into the old Metro, where, 13.5 years ago, we danced after our wedding reception

seeing the look in all their eyes as they peered inside another bar to watch a band play (and the many faces smiling back at them)

all the visits with dogs along the way and their kind owners

overeating at Plum Dandy, and watching the sugar high begin to take hold

Brooke pointing out Buddha in the storefront

all the glimpses at Daniel…knowing he felt the same love and ebullient heart

this night I savored every moment, even when the sibling rivalry began in the car on the way home (and that’s one I’m working on!), because that’s what we are so blessed to have right now, in this moment.

Each moment — whether pleasurable, painful, or neither — is one we can witness and appreciate, knowing that it will change, like the tides. 

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  1. Damn! (can I say that!!??) WOWWOWWOW!! You have turned me on to David Gray! I love this rendition! And sweet pics of you and your family! Aren’t LOVE and family the greatest things on earth!?? Thanks for sharing!

    • Yahoo! Mary, I’m so happy! David Gray is incredible, but that cover is one of my new favorites — I can’t stop hitting the play button; it’s so HAPPY! While it starts with the materialistic, isn’t the weaving in of Pressure Drop fantastic? It just captured the love, love, love. You nailed it. Thank you for the great feedback!

  2. I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS COVER!!!!! Lovely post, as always !

    • PS: Your family is adooorable!

      • Thanks, Erika! I’m a grateful mommyo.

    • David Gray is an authentic, soulful — and fun! — artist. So lovable!

      Thanks for your kindness.


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