Yikes, I’m a walking cliche! Laughing at yourself

Warning: You may want to put your headphones on or save for when you’re not apt to offend with a little profanity.

Sharing some yoga and general levity:

  1. The 10 things you’ll do once you start yoga (that have nothing to do with yoga). Scary funny. Guilty of all, including the not taking myself so seriously part. Fantastic piece by Lee Anne Finfinger, who seems like someone who’d be fun to have a glass or two of wine with. — originally published on Recovering Yogi, reblogged on another favorite, elephant journal.
  2. Live, Love, Be Happy Inspirational Poster Thank you Kirk Hensler and elephant journal, once again! And here is my This is your Life poster…cliché on a wall:

4. Good fun.

5. Do something. Do anything. Entertaining, excellent message via Leila Gaskin’s blog Write Am I – I Write therefore I am:

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  1. I’m suddenly in the mood for goji berries…

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