Lifeyum with Lisa O'Brien

Mom of six, wife, experienced public affairs, yoga, health, and Desire Map guide: Inspiration to be happy, even when things around you aren’t. Simple + powerful ways to Feel good, Do good. Because it goes both ways.

The Desire Map Workshop led by Lisa O'BrienThe Afterglow.

Feel the way you’ve always wanted.

The Desire Map Workshop Level 1 is a program for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices from now on.
You will leave this workshop knowing your “core desired feelings”—a guidance system
for your decision making. A GPS for your soul.
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Lisa is LifeYum. I have known Lisa for 5 years and she has always embodied Feel Good, Do Good. When you meet Lisa, you immediately feel better. She makes you feel good – just by a smile, a hug, a wink. Lisa’s selflessness, her encouragement, her involvement: She goes above and beyond in the name of service-truly living yoga in action.

Melissa Leach

500 hour Certified Baptiste Yoga instructor; Ambassador, Yoga Across America

My experience in Lisa’s Desire Map Workshop was mind-blowing. I learned a lot about myself.  Aligning goals based on what I want to feel is a game changer. Would I recommend this experience to a friend? Abso-friggin-lutely.

Paula Kaye Colarusso

Lifeyum Weekend featuring The Desire Map: It was a weekend of clarity & connection with self.

Lisa was a warm, gracious, loving hostess. She’s a gentle breeze at the ocean. She’s a hug from a beloved grandmother. She is old world, in a chic, modern, long-legged rocking body!  She’s the color of a soft soothing yellow…like the type  of sunlight that makes everyone look beautiful. She’s warm butter on a piece of freshly baked bread…she’s comfort food for the soul. Lisa is GRACE. Lisa is beauty. Lisa IS…

She opened up her heart and soul which enabled others to do the very same.

The weekend was a multi-sensory journey, (taste; chocolates, honey, lunch…touch; hugs, hula hooping, belly dancing, sight; our space was BEAUTIFUL! sound; the music) that inspired connection & clarity of one’s CDFs.

The greatest gift from this weekend…through clarity and reflection on my CDFs I connected with a part of me that needed acknowledgment & healing.

I was at peace. I felt peace. I saw & was seen. I felt the last tiny little tear in my heart was healed…not in remission…not bandaged…it was HEALED. It was WHOLE.

Sat Nam.

Would I recommend this experience to a friend?  The time spent working on self with Lisa as a guide … hell yes!

Chris Suppa-Hoyt

Don’t mind me, I’m just getting (green) juiced

Of all the topics to begin this adventure in lifeyumTV, never thought it’d be fun with a juicer, kale, some cukes, celery, apple and turmeric root.  Or learning how to pronounce cen·trif·u·gal. (It took practice: senˈtrif(y)əgəl/.)

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The Perfect Chaturanga

The other day I went for a walk.  A real walk. The kind that my friend and life-altering teacher Jennilee introduced me to: one foot in front of the other; breath in, breath out; other thoughts? Oh, well. Back to the walk.

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How dreams come true: Do one thing (at a time)

Do one thing.  Hard to do, but that’s the key.  One thing. (At a time.)  I’m still on a high. Revved with the juice of being in the presence of thousands of souls, just like me, who want to feel good and do good in the world.

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Mal-a-tat-too, and other zen parenting tips

How does it all boil down to this?  I have reasons to feel pretty well-footed in the mellow mothering department. Six kids later—boys and girls ranging from four-years to almost 13 years old, more than a decade working in urban elementary charter schools in cities all over our country, yogic trainings, my own studies, meditation, wellness and personal development retreats.

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Great balls of lifeyum (raw, vegan, GF protein balls drizzled in chocolate)

Do you ever feel like the grim reaper at meal time?  A total nag? Find candy wrappers under your kids’ beds?  Maybe it’s just me. But when our then two-year-old was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis five years ago, I went into full-blown nutrition researcher-internet doctor-read every book I could get my hands on-mode.

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I ate bacon and I liked it. And I’m still a good person

And a yogi.* And an animal lover.  I’m wildly imperfect. Full of contradictions. And done, totally done, with justifying and explaining.  Every dalliance. Every nap. Saying no, thank you. Glass of wine on a school night. Not having a regular blogging schedule (or a regular anything business-oriented).

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I’m Lisa O’Brien, founder and champion of Lifeyum. I believe in letting go, laughing (a lot), and feeling good…and that feeling good is directly related to how intentional we are about our health, our play, and our generosity.