Lifeyum with Lisa O'Brien

Mom of six, wife, experienced public affairs, yoga, health, and Desire Map guide: Inspiration to be happy, even when things around you aren’t. Simple + powerful ways to Feel good, Do good. Because it goes both ways.

Feeling lifeyum at Verana Resort
Hi. I’m Lisa. I like to rearrange the furniture, literally and figuratively. To make it fresh and fun.

I know what it’s like to live in a situation where everyone is pulling at you. And that it feels impossible — selfish, even — to get away for a yoga class, retreat…or a walk.

But you don’t need to go to yoga to find your true north. It is possible to find it in the everyday. To weave together the spiritual and carnal. They’re interrelated.

As a mom of six kiddos, my husband and I keep coming back to this: It’s not where or how far you go, it’s how you are that dictates happiness.

And that’s why I research everywhere I go, bringing a little air to the struggles we all have in finding our way.

You deserve to feel lifeyum. Join me!



Lisa O’Brien is the most gracious and knowledgeable facilitator…perfection! Her leadership is art form. I have never experienced a facilitator who genuinely and authentically dedicated themselves to the message so profoundly but not having it be about her. She was humble and gracious beyond words. Truly magical!

I belong to an international Women’s Presidents Organization and attend many worldwide seminars;  Lisa’s weekend was the best and most powerful to date for me. It truly inspired my inner most feelings and desires instead of more of the same goal setting, strategic planning that we all seem to place so much focus and importance on.

Marri Aviza

Co-owner , Rumors Salon and Spa

The Afterglow.

Feel the way you’ve always wanted.

The Desire Map Workshop Level 1 is a program for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices from now on.
You will leave this workshop knowing your “core desired feelings”—a guidance system
for your decision making. A GPS for your soul.
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Lisa is LifeYum. I have known Lisa for 5 years and she has always embodied Feel Good, Do Good. When you meet Lisa, you immediately feel better. She makes you feel good – just by a smile, a hug, a wink. Lisa’s selflessness, her encouragement, her involvement: She goes above and beyond in the name of service-truly living yoga in action.

Melissa Leach

500 hour Certified Baptiste Yoga instructor; Ambassador, Yoga Across America

My experience in Lisa’s Desire Map Workshop was mind-blowing. I learned a lot about myself.  Aligning goals based on what I want to feel is a game changer. Would I recommend this experience to a friend? Abso-friggin-lutely.

Paula Kaye Colarusso

Lisa is a warm, gracious, loving hostess. She’s a gentle breeze at the ocean. She’s a hug from a beloved grandmother. She is old world, in a chic, modern, long-legged rocking body!  She’s the color of a soft soothing yellow…like the type  of sunlight that makes everyone look beautiful. She’s warm butter on a piece of freshly baked bread…she’s comfort food for the soul. Lisa is GRACE. Lisa is beauty. Lisa IS…

Chris Suppa-Hoyt