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Three steps to easy living (from a wise, warm heart)

Our youngest just finished kindergarten with a sweet ceremony, cap and all.  Blair and I have a lot of conversations. Recently she told me about the clip system at school, Ms. Peartree and Mrs. Z’s behavior management program. It went something like this:

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Don’t mind me, I’m just getting (green) juiced

Of all the topics to begin this adventure in lifeyumTV, never thought it’d be fun with a juicer, kale, some cukes, celery, apple and turmeric root.  Or learning how to pronounce cen·trif·u·gal. (It took practice: senˈtrif(y)əgəl/.)

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3 ways to feel good when you don’t (and a feel good festival in upstate NY)

I’m a big overthinker, which has landed me in someday-land with lots of dreams. One of those was launching LifeyumTV, a way for me to share the good in a way that comes most naturally.  And overthinkery, a word the great Alexandra Franzen taught me…

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however you get there, get present: a playlist for you.

When I was 12, I remember so vividly cranking my Flashdance album on the player while cutting out the neck of my sweatshirt. The door was shut. Teenage fantasies of having a body like hers, being that free, leaping with both sets of toes pointing perfectly in opposite directions. Land. Head toss.
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you were born to be loved. i’m talking to you.

Have you ever read something and thought the writer was speaking directly to you? Paul Jarvis’ email hit me that way yesterday, and I thought to myself: It’s time. Time to stop worrying about, feeling bad about, banging myself over the head about: …writing shorter, punchier posts. …how long it
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more soulful and less goalful in 2014

If there was one thing that 2013 crystalized for me, it was that I can be OK even if everything else isn’t. And you can, too. Feeling is better than not (feeling); and channeling the ocean is how it works. 1. Ebb and flow. Even if it feels unnatural at first. Visualize the ocean every…
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I’m Lisa O’Brien, founder and champion of Lifeyum. I believe in letting go, laughing (a lot), and feeling good…and that feeling good is directly related to how intentional we are about our health, our play, and our generosity.